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Toilet Paper Tips from Naked and Afraid

How do the Naked and Afraid survivalists go 21 days (or longer) without toilet paper? We asked and they answered.

March 28, 2020
By: Discovery

“You realize the true purpose for all those random single socks fresh out of the dryer.” – Jessica Kayrouz

“Toilet paper is optional, get creative.” – Thomas Virgets

"Fish, frogs, and poisonous fruit, the less you eat, the less you poop!" - Sarah Danser

“Who needs 80 rolls of toilet paper when you can grab some nice fluffy moss and large leaves then you just dribble and jiggle.“ #shakeitoff – Sara Burkett

“Do a handstand under a waterfall. Nature’s bidet.” – Lauren Fagen

“I still have my left hand! I lived in India for 6 months and got used to life without TP. Don’t worry I’m stocked up on soap!” – Alexandra Martin

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