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Chris Taylor Trades his Safety Vest for a Wedding Tux

By: Discovery

The Dave Turin's Lost Mine crew member celebrated his marriage with a Gold Rush inspired dessert.

Chris Taylor from Dave Turin’s mining crew has happily married his childhood sweetheart, Paige.

They met in the 6th grade (1988) at North Lee Elementary School in Cleveland, TN. After which they dated for a few months and even shared their first kiss. Unfortunately Chris moved to Massachusetts and the relationship fizzled.

Years later, Chris sent Paige a friend request on Facebook which rekindled their connection.

The wedding was planned for March 21, 2020 in Cleveland, SC but due to ?Covid-19 restrictions, Chris and Paige had to make several last minute changes to their wedding day. They were able to still have a small ceremony at Highland Lake Inn and were grateful to have their closest friends and family present.

For dessert the couple had a 3-tier raspberry swirl cake with sugar cookies in the shape of a loader since Chris drives a loader for Dave Turin.

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