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#TeamTrees Challenge

For Arbor Day we are looking back at #TeamTrees. Inventor and former NASA engineer Mark Rober teamed up with fellow YouTube phenom MrBeast to launch #TeamTrees, a massive online campaign to plant 20 million trees by January 1st, 2020. They crushed it, and to date have planted over 21 million trees.

Want more? Watch #TeamTrees NOW on Discovery Go.

By: Discovery

Jimmy Donaldson plants trees.

Mark Rober looks at flying drones.

Mark Rober plants trees.

Jimmy Donaldson (L) and Mark Rober (R) plant trees.

Carlos Cruci, Jenna Tomovich, Joshua Hyman, Tareq Salameh, William Franklin, Chris Tyson, Marcus Pearson, Chandler Hallow, and Jimmy Donaldson pose for a picture.

Grant Canary (L) and Mark Rober (R) check out a drone.

Mark Rober stands on a tree stump.

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