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Meet the Rescued Residents of Saved by the Barn

Dan McKernan left his six-figure tech job to take over his family’s 140-year-old farm in Michigan and transform it into the ‘Barn Sanctuary;’ a sanctuary for rescued farm animals that have experienced abuse and neglect. Here are some of the animals you'll fall in love with on Animal Planet's 'Saved by the Barn.'

April 03, 2020
By: Discovery

Photo By: Brian Parisi

Photo By: Brian Parisi

Photo By: Brian Parisi

Photo By: Brian Parisi

Dan McKernan with Adam the pig.

Goat rescue Lola in her custom made mobility cart.

Alicia Maclean playing with the turkeys at Barn Sanctuary.

One of 13 baby piglets born at Barn Sanctuary.

Dan McKernan with a pig friend.

A llama rescue at Woodstock Animal Sanctuary.

Dan McKernan with cows.

A goat overlooking the barn.

One of Dan’s rabbit rescues from Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary.

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